I currently am a medical intern based in Namibia at Windhoek State hospital, therefore I am part of the essential services that operate during the pandemic. Although I am a junior doctor, I have the chance to give my contribution as a health professional in fighting the virus. This is a challenging time as being an artiste as well as doctor I experience the downfall of being a creative and not being able to have live shows and interact with my fans despite the online initiative of live shows. 

I believe every artist can attest to the fact that it doesn’t feel the same. However, fortunately we live in a digital world and the fans and supporters are very responsive in our efforts to keep the art alive. I am able to distribute my album on online sites and still be able to generate an income. It also allows room for us to be creative and captivate the masses with new ideas on how they use the internet to keep relevant as artists.

The flip side is that I am part of history. I am exposed to a pandemic as a junior doctor and it really shifts my understanding of the profession. That it requires hard work, passion and selflessness. To serve the community and use my best efforts to improve the lives of the masses. It Is definitely a huge sense of responsibility at the same time I gain so much experience and insight of the profession.

Due to the fact that we are all experiencing this pandemic I am fortunate enough to experience it from two totally different professions. I am fortunate that I have a secure job but I still do experience the cons of being an emerging artist. These two professions are my passion and it presents me with a paradoxical situation. I am however hopeful that everything will be restored to the norm and that I can substantiate on how I dealt with being an artist and medical doctor during this pandemic.