My Body, My Choice

I am done suffering alone,
I am done being told to be silent Instead, I will rise, maintain resilience Rise so tall that I become untouchable

I rise for myself; I rise for all women
For those who suffer, both silent and loud For those who have a story to tell
But are told to sit down

I am a woman
I have the power to bring life into this world I also have the power to decide against it Living in a world trying to dictate what I do Yet I was raised to fight against that

You are not saving me, the world, or yourself Starting a war that is impossible to win
I am loud, we are loud, we will not surrender No white flag in sight

My body, my choice
My decision, there was no question Just the answer I made

I don’t need your permission; I never will Abortion is my right
My uterus does not require your attention

Why don’t we fight for bigger issues?
Oh, that’s right, it’s because this seems easier Than stopping innocent souls from being taken from all the violence
And isn’t that quite the contradiction?

We can bring you in, and we can take you out Not with weapons, dictation, or ego
Just with strength, validity and love

Together we will stand We’ve endured enough pain Together we continue to rise

So try me, try us
Let us show you just how much we can achieve We didn’t ask for this war, it was brought upon us

I am ready We are ready