Why did you decide to propose Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again?

The subversive style and immediate shock factor of the text appealed to me instantly. As a bit of a language nerd, the way Birch plays with dialogue to make her audience pay attention hooked me from the get-go. Her message that society needs to revolt against restrictive views of women in work, language, the world and about the body resonated with me greatly. I felt the play expressed concerns and frustrations shared by other students, and acts as the perfect platform for these opinions. It also made me realise that despite the great progress society has made, there is still so much further to go.

What can you tell us about the play?

The play consists of 4 acts in 4 different styles, each subverting aspects of language and our expectations of theatre. Most importantly, each scene revolves around the subversion of society’s perception of women in one way or another and insists that we make a change.

Why do you think this show is so important today?

Every time I read the play I find different elements that not only I can relate to, but that are reflected in the media and in experiences of people all around me. Particularly in light of the political climate in the united states: with laws being made to police women’s bodies constantly!

What makes it relevant?

Restrictive perceptions of gender are unavoidable, whether they’re outdated views, stereotypes that have been taken for granted, or institutional habits. None of these will change unless people like Alice Birch speak out, and we make a fuss, which is exactly what the play does.

What do you want the audience to take away from this show?

I want the audience to feel as though they’ve been shaken by their shoulders, and leave with questions about why we marginalise others so readily.

Describe Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. in 3 words

Not well behaved.


HSU Theatre will be performing Revolt.She Said.Revolt Again. at DINA Sheffield on 7th-8th December 2018. Tickets here