Self-care Sunday is a thing I’ve incorporated into my routine for a number of reasons. The first being that, having a day that I know is committed to my betterment- can help me through the worst of my weeks. Then the things that I do that day, can help me with what I endured that week.

I start that day off with mindful eating. I’ll make a smoothie with THC infused honey. Choosing what I put in according to my mood of the week. Different fruits & vegetables have natural mood enhancing properties. For example, If I’ve noticed I’ve had a particularly hard week with my depression, I make sure to include mango as it’s a superfood that helps with depression. Incorporating things like this into your daily diet helps overall. It is a good pick me up & way to set the tone for the week to come as well. I’ll pull some cards from one of my oracle decks to get an idea of what’s to come/what I’ve worked through. As well as, some mindfulness cards to help me with ways of incorporating that into my day.

After that, I set an alarm for 3 separate meals that day & decide what they’ll be. This helps me to gain a sense of control, & ensures that I eat- which can be hard for me to do on difficult days. So I take my self-care day to treat myself like a baby, & follow a feeding schedule. To help me get back on track & begin to physically feel better.

An emotional check-in with myself follows that. I go through all the things that took a toll on me that week, & that brought me joy as well. I take stock of what emotions I’m feeling are connected to me, & what emotions are connected to others. Our interactions with others can take a toll on us, & we take other peoples baggage home with us. After I make note of it all, I release through energetic clearing. I’ll take a bath after that to further cleanse myself. I’ll include different oils & herbs for cleansing, protection. Pink Himalayan salt, & agua Florida or rose water are staples for my bath mixtures. I’ll place rose quartz in the water to help give me a boost of self-love as well. This can be one of the biggest tools for me because that added physical cleansing really helps to seal the deal.

A face mask of some sort is usually on my list because stress can take a toll on our skin. Seeing a physical change of brighter skin, & feeling your skin bounce back to life can help remind you- that the rest of you can too. I also make sure that I incorporate the concept of aromatherapy to calm & sooth/or recharge, or clay/charcoal to remove toxins/draw out negativity. Plus it can be fun to feel like a scientist at times.

All of that helps me to have a clean slate to start over next week. It’s important not to carry last weeks bullshit into next week. If the next week is better & I’m still consumed by last week, I can’t really be present for my better week & absorb it.

I’ll wind down with baking something I find comforting. Completing these tasks helps me to be reminded that I am capable, that I can be productive. That finished product helps appease our mind. Usually accompanied by some herbal tea, & some Sunday night tv or a good book. It’s a simple day, but it is one that is dedicated to you. We don’t always need to go deep on those days, but we do need to at least clean house emotionally & energetically.