In an industry desiring you change the features your generation passed on
A nose made smaller.
Legs should be taller.
Your skin now darker
but move to the East – get lighter.
Your hair is too boring, curl it a bit
Your hair is too curly so go straighten it.
Does this make my ass look fat?
Wish my ass would fill up these jeans.
Diets, glosses, tummy wraps and complexes
right from a teen.

Taught by media and men alike that there’s always more for you to reach for
seeing as babe, you’re not really enough
you better study – see how to be more.
So go follow pages for who you see you’d really like to be
now soon enough we’re all just copies
in a broken industry.
I do say broken because it’s not taught us all the basics of humanity
– the remembrance that beauty is intrinsic; that beauty does not come from greed.
Instead this drug of a system wants us to reach and reach and reach
Has it satisfied your need?

Get a dopamine release when you see you might fit their desire
Now you’ve been accepted, maybe there’s no need to search any higher.
Has it satisfied your need?
Oh it did.
I mean I get it.
Guess you fit what looks good to man.
Wait till the next trend comes along; the way you’ll chase will make you wish you’d ran
before when you didn’t need such admiration, now you might cling
to things like sexualisation .
Because that’s how the world tells the woman she has power.
Not because of your heart, soul or mind,
but because of how you look in the shower

The system controlling your brain chemistry.
Social media a now big culprit, I’ve seen it in me.
Even us who understand
who think we’ve got it down
still talk, post and be what’s reciprocated positively.

I think I’m insulting my maker; telling him he got it wrong!
His design doesn’t quite fit
I want short term happiness, not long!
But those who have been through it will say time and time again
Girl you were perfect before all the changes made
way before he called you a ten.

This needs serious recognition where the self-worth of a girl
can be built, broke and stolen from the things in this world.
She’s sixteen for Christ’s sake,
surrounded by opinions
moulded by the lost
this is a never ending chain
it’s her identity at cost.

Trying to perfect a man-made image until one day all your hard work gets rejected
because this is the world in which we live in.
Means you’ll never be enough
no matter how you try
However many times you search
it’s your reliance on them which needs to die.

If you are ever to find peace, the way you see yourself not to change as they do,
I ask you learn more about who you were made to be
so you can be happy being you.