I used to be sporty when I was a little girl. I played football a lot as a kid but I played less when became obsessed with drawing. I’m still very keen on watching football and drawing female footballers this year has brought two of my interests together. I noticed the sheer commitment and love these women had for the game. Undeniably, men’s football is much more prominent in the media. I think women’s football deserves more recognition. I hope more people realise the talent these women’s football teams have.
My portrait of Marta Vieria da Silva is my favourite of this project. She recently won best female footballer – for the SIXTH time! She’s shown strength by rising against prejudice – I read that society around her believed women shouldn’t play football. It’s amazing watching her play, I’m just so glad she’s become this amazing role model for girls.
The other two drawings are from Liverpool FC Women. I actually grew up supporting Manchester United – who only founded a women’s team this year, a few months after I finished this project. Liverpool is a rival team to Manchester United, but I still had a fondness for Liverpool’s women’s team. I think I was just happy that Liverpool, the city I spent most of my time in, had a really good women’s team – and that women’s football was being represented close to home and giving the local girls a whole new level of aspiration.